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√ - Closed Trailer (Dry Van)
√ - Lowboy trailer (Step Deck) 
√ - Closed trailer with movable floor (Walking Floor) 
√ - Fardier [lowboy trailer] (Double Drop Deck) 
√ - Lowboy trailer with detachable gooseneck (RGN) 
√ - Flat Bed Trailer (Flat Bed)  
√ - Tandem flatbed trailer (B-Train)


Flatbed trucks are often used to transport oversized loads or unusually shaped products. Even if your business does not require you to move what might be considered generic transport materials such as crates or steel...etc.

Step Deck

Step-deck trailers, also known as lowboy trailers, have an upper and lower deck. They are used for cargo that is too high or too wide to fit on a standard flatbed. Transportation shares the weight and dimensions of this truck.


The trailers use a movable tarp system to maximize space for a wide variety of loads, which has made them one of the most requested specialty trailers in the industry. Although Conestoga trailers specialize in heavy and bulky loads, they are not limited to these loads alone and can handle a wide variety of cargo. 

Dry Van

It is always helpful to understand what a dry van is before learning about its benefits and features. Simply put, a dry van is an enclosed, non-temperature controlled trailer used to transport non-perishable goods. It usually has a door on the back of the trailer and most units measure.

Double Drop

With a double-deck trailer, you can load oversized goods. It can handle items over 10 feet tall. In addition to a front and rear deck, Trucking Truth explains that these trailers have a well in the middle that can accommodate tall cargo. This well is typically 25 to 29 feet long. 

Removable Gooseneck

The detachable gooseneck has a detachable front end that allows the trailer to lower to the ground and form its own ramp. On the other hand, a folding gooseneck trailer has folding goosenecks that improve loading and unloading, making operations much easier even on rough terrain.  

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